Paris Bombing

I want to send my support to all those who lost someone in the Paris bombing.  And for those of you wondering why we’re supporting them so much, well we’re actually doing it for a couple reasons.  For one thing it’s the right thing to do.  France is an ally of ours and they’re going through a hard time at the moment.  They’re mourning right now so we’re mourning with them.  That’s why we have our the president has asked us to keep at flags at half-mast like they do whenever we’re mourning something that has happened in our country.  But also, they have always helped us whenever something like this has happened to us.  Back in 9/11, they were mourning right with us.  Well this was their 9/11 so it’s only right that we’re mourning now.  But what happened, as horrible as it was, is important.  People, who we think were working with ISIS, gave up their lives just to kill others.  It wasn’t as harsh as our 9/11, but hundreds of people were killed.  These people deliberately went to places that they knew a lot of people were going to be and killed themselves with bombs just so they could kill others.  This is just…wrong.  I can’t imagine what kind of person would go and kill themselves just so that they could kill others for some terrorist organization.  These people were probably not even in their right mind.  But we should definitely support France in their time of need.  Signing out, Uniqueness


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